NEAS Strategic Plan: Mission, Vision and Values (2015 to 2017)

NEAS’ mission, vision and values statements serve to unite and define our stakeholder group, and to represent the strategic approach to the widest possible audience.

Company Vision

“NEAS seeks to achieve global recognition as the benchmark of excellence in English language learning.”

Company Mission

“NEAS supports the achievement of quality outcomes for English language learners.   We create value through excellence recognition and collaborative knowledge partnerships for English language teaching providers.”


NEAS Values Statement

NEAS values guide our internal conduct as well as our relationships with our members, customers, partners, and stakeholders.  Our values are defined as:

  • Excellence
    • Objective integrity in all we do
    • Professional rigour underpins our processes
    • Committed to continuous quality improvement
  • Making a Difference
    • Collaborating within the ELT community
    • A learning organisation for teachers and staff
    • Supporting positive student experiences
  • Listening and Leading
    • Developing knowledge partnerships
    • Open service and engagement
    • Passionately inspiring and embracing change
    • NEAS Goals

NEAS Goals:

  • Build industry capacity through strategic interventions that foster growth, sustainability, innovation and best practice in English language teaching.
  • Deliver a total customer satisfaction promise, from Board members to frontline staff, through a member oriented service culture.
  • Enhance service quality to ensure competitive advantage and complementary positioning with other Quality Assurance organisations.
  • Grow and maintain membership (both locally and offshore) to an increasingly proportional representation of quality providers in the English language learning sector.
  • Build the NEAS brand portfolio to encompass new products and services, thereby increasing recognition, reputation and global awareness of NEAS objectives.
  • Engage in complementary relationships with Commonwealth and other government regulators for the benefit of learners and providers.
  • Take a global leadership role in the driving of quality in the teaching and learning of English and other languages.
  • Increase brand awareness of the NEAS logo and role in the English language teaching industry.
  • Achieve productive working relationships with complementary peak bodies.
  • Ensure all assets and resources within NEAS are aligned and support the strategic plan.