The NEAS Quality Assurance (QA) Framework has been developed through extensive consultation with the English language teaching (ELT) profession in Australia and overseas, industry bodies and government. Review is undertaken in response to changes and developments in the field, with change implemented only after wide consultation.

The NEAS QA Framework concerns itself with the professional standards required by the range of occupations associated with English language teaching provision, in order to protect the interests of consumers of the goods and services provided by the English language teaching industry in Australia. This includes the vocational fields associated with teaching, instructional design and academic leadership.

The purpose of the NEAS QA Framework is to:

  • Establish and uphold high standards within the ELT industry
  • Support ELT Centres in demonstrating quality in their programs and services
  • Provide guidance to ELT Centres in their continuous improvement processes
  • Promote recognition of quality ELT Centres

The NEAS QA Framework comprises nine Quality Areas

  1. Teaching, Learning and Assessment
  2. The Student Experience
  3. Resources and Facilities
  4. Administration, Management and Staffing
  5. Promotion and Student Recruitment
  6. Welfare of Students Aged Under 18 Years
  7. Strategy, Risk and Governance
  8. Online Delivery
  9. ELT Qualifications

NEAS is globally recognised as a body that provides quality assurance monitoring and accreditation of ELT providers.

More than 200 ELT centres across Australia, South East Asia and the Middle East are endorsed by NEAS.

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