What makes you famous?  The ELT sector in Australia is a vibrant and colourful industry, with highly differentiated providers and unique offerings for international students.

To help communicate your “special something” NEAS has launched a programme in support of the Quality Assurance Framework.

Your college might be known for its EAP programmes, its homestay or online resources.   It may have pioneered a new way of helping students adapt to the Australian culture, or have a unique vocational perspective that you’d like to share.

The NEAS Premium Endorsed Product logo may be earned by applying to have your products scrutinised by the NEAS peer review process.  After being tested and analysed, providers may be required to test new products for a period in order to confirm success in the marketplace.   User feedback and results will be a significant contributor in becoming a NEAS Premium Endorsed Product.

NEAS provides constructive suggestions and advice for providers whose products don’t receive Premium Endorsement on first review.  There is no limitation on the number of times a product may be submitted.  A small fee covers NEAS cost of the product review process, which includes the first twelve months product endorsement.  Providers will then be entitled to use the “NEAS Premium Endorsed Product” brand, in close association with the marketing of that product.  An annual review will be required to ensure maintenance of premium standing.

So why not share your success with the world, and be recognised for what makes you famous!

In order to apply for Premium Product Endorsement, you must be a current NEAS Quality Endorsed Centre.

Apply today for Premium Product Endorsement

PPE plaque1

Successful applicants are presented with a framed Certificate of Premium Product Endorsement and have the opportunity to purchase a plaque (a sample shown above) for $130.  Please contact the NEAS office on +61 2 9954 6077 or [email protected] to place your order.


The Centre for English Teaching’s student engagement program, CET Connect, creates an engaging environment which encourages students in educational and social progress via CET Connect the app, the powerful digital tool which sits at the centre of the student experience.

The University of Sydney CET’s EAP Teacher Training course allows teachers to build expertise in the teaching of EAP and gain a specific qualification. Offered in two modes: face-to-face and online,

the course provides participants with the current theory and best practice in teaching academic English and is delivered using an interactive, workshop-based approach.

This Specialization is aimed at preparing students for undergraduate study in an English-speaking university. The course equips you for full participation and engagement with your studies by building awareness and understanding of the core values and expectations of academic culture, and providing you with practical strategies to apply to your studies.

International House Sydney runs around 17 CELTA courses (both full-time and part-time) to nearly 200 students per year. The CELTA course at International House Sydney ensures there is room in the syllabus to contextualise and personalise its content, while strictly abiding by the Cambridge guidelines. International House Sydney has also designed a number of other teacher training courses based on the CELTA structure.

IH Sydney’s English for Teens is a General English course specifically targeting students between 13-16 years of age. The course demonstrates relevance to current trends in International Student Enrolment Data and has been developed through extensive industry consultation. IH Sydney utilises High School qualified teachers in its delivery of this course and incorporates a wide range of extra-curricular activities designed to develop skills which are directly relevant to a range of everyday scenes that students experience.

In this 10 week program, students can significantly accelerate their English development. A feature of this course is Eiken test preparation for Japanese students. Citipointe Christian College International utilises its outstanding facilities and School community to support student success in this program.

Four key principles underpin Curtin English’s CPD program; it is clear and communicated to all, flexible and multi-faceted, staff are actively engaged, and it is inclusive in terms of development. The program demonstrates evidence of reflection and evaluation throughout 7 years of ongoing development and is clearly aligned to principles of current research in Continuing Professional Development. Curtin English’s CPD program encompasses a broad range of PD activities, offering a complete solution to Professional Development.

ICTE, University of Queensland, Cambridge English, ICTE-UQ and World Learning SIT Graduate Institute (USA) have formed a global partnership to jointly award the International Diploma in Language Teaching Management (IDLTM), a blended learning program for current or prospective managers in language teaching organisations.

The University of Western Australia’s Centre for English Language Teaching’s (CELT) Academic English and Study Skills Bridging Course is designed for international students wishing to undertake tertiary studies at the University of Western Australia. The course supports international students through an integrated methodological approach and the incorporation of study and research skills, cultural awareness and modern computer based learning.

Explore English utilises a digital school operations platform that was developed by Intrinsiq through continuous consultation with international English language schools in the UK, Ireland and Australia. The technology is built on a flexible model which gives Explore English the flexibility to tailor implementation of a variety of processes that achieve an improved and efficient service to students.

KITE is a revolutionary, cloud-based, adaptive English language assessment system that delivers instant proficiency evaluations with best-in-class accuracy, efficiency, and accessibility.

E2Language is a Melbourne-based on-line provider of English language teaching and learning, currently focused on commercial test preparation courses. E2Language met the rigours of NEAS’ stakeholder driven feedback model of quality assurance, demonstrating its commitment to innovative quality in meeting the needs of international students.

Test Overview: OET is an international English language test that assesses the language communication skills of healthcare professionals who seek to register and practise in an English-speaking environment. Assessment Structure: OET covers all four language skills with an emphasis on communication in a healthcare environment.

The largest private independent college in Queensland, John Paul College includes an International College, Primary School, Middle School, Senior School, Child Care Centre and Community Kindergarten.

Their outstanding High School Preparation Course prepares students to participate fully in the life of the college by encouraging not only the development of language proficiency, but also the academic literacy and cultural capital necessary for the students to participate successfully in the secondary school learning context. The course develops the skills to analyse, draw inferences and assess information whilst incorporating computer literacy across all areas of the school curriculum.

The Student Experience Passport, designed as part of the University’s Language Centre’s Student Experience program, breaks down barriers and opens opportunities for international students to engage in meaningful connections with the community.

The small passport-style booklet features a range of extra-curricular activities that students can work through to familiarise themselves with a new campus and city, foster friendships and improve their English.

Sydney College of English is an OET Premium Preparation Provider. The Occupational English Test (OET) Preparation Course offered at SCE utilises an integrated skills approach and is subject to extensive and ongoing review and evaluation. The course is highly responsive to student needs, and staff at the Centre create a collaborative environment where students can engage with staff in authentic OET-themed interactions. The Centre offers varied delivery formats and the option to focus on all health professions. In addition to the OET Preparation Course, SCE offers English for Health Professionals courses to provide a unique pathway to OET. Creative elements are used to establish relevance and agency for students, and the incorporation of mindfulness principles and activities supports student success.

Everyday English is a teaching method which was established in response to a student’s critical need for a course that combines language based education and enhances cultural experience in Australia. The teaching method is supported by an exclusive text book designed in-house. The Everyday English method enhances students’ learning experience, giving them the confidence to achieve their everyday goals.