What makes you famous?  The ELT sector in Australia is a vibrant and colourful industry, with highly differentiated providers and unique offerings for international students.

To help communicate your “special something” NEAS has launched a programme in support of the Quality Assurance Framework.

Your college might be known for its EAP programmes, its homestay or online resources.   It may have pioneered a new way of helping students adapt to the Australian culture, or have a unique vocational perspective that you’d like to share.

The NEAS Premium Endorsed Product logo may be earned by applying to have your products scrutinised by the NEAS peer review process.  After being tested and analysed, providers may be required to test new products for a period in order to confirm success in the marketplace.   User feedback and results will be a significant contributor in becoming a NEAS Premium Endorsed Product.

NEAS provides constructive suggestions and advice for providers whose products don’t receive Premium Endorsement on first review.  There is no limitation on the number of times a product may be submitted.  A small fee covers NEAS cost of the product review process, which includes the first twelve months product endorsement.  Providers will then be entitled to use the “NEAS Premium Endorsed Product” brand, in close association with the marketing of that product.  An annual review will be required to ensure maintenance of premium standing.

So why not share your success with the world, and be recognised for what makes you famous!

In order to apply for Premium Product Endorsement, you must be a current NEAS Quality Endorsed Centre.

Apply today for Premium Product Endorsement


PPE plaque1

Successful applicants are presented with a framed Certificate of Premium Product Endorsement and have the opportunity to purchase a plaque (a sample shown above) for $130.  Please contact the NEAS office on +61 2 9954 6077 or [email protected] to place your order.