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A Student’s Day in Brisbane
200 days of sunshine every year and 365 days of opportunities. Study in a great city with students from all over the world.Learn more about studying in Brisbane:

This is the City I study in: Brisbane, Australia
Brisbane’s got an all year summer vibe with its artificial beaches and sunny weather. Brisbane is not a huge city but you can easily get occupied with all the opportunities.

This is the City I study in: Melbourne, Australia
In Melbourne you can experience all four weather seasons in one day and the same goes for the cultural impressions. Melbourne’s got it all with chilled cafes, nice shopping and a lot of great food.

This is the City I study in: Perth, Australia
This is the city where the sky is always blue. In Perth you get amazing views, good beaches and a really nice city with a friendly atmosphere.

This is the City I study in: Sydney, Australia
In this movie the Swedish international student Elin will show you around the center of Sydney, and explain why Sydney is a perfect city to study in. Sydney is the state capital of New South Wales and it is surrounded by famous beaches such as Bondi and Manley Beach.