2019 Drama in ELT – SA

This workshop sheds light on aesthetic engagement – those aha! moments in the language learning classroom, when international students of English have an academic, emotional, intellectual or artistic breakthrough in their language learning as a result of their participation in Drama in ELT.

Research and best practice unravels these moments of heightened aesthetic engagement in the classroom; explores what they are and how they contribute to language learning. Using process drama pedagogy in TESOL, the research explores how students in a process drama become aesthetically engaged and the implication of such engagement on learning.

This workshop is interactive and explores practical ideas for innovative teaching.

*Dates are subject to availability and demand.

Date: 05th July 2019
Location: Adelaide, SA

Rm 301, Level 3, 132 Grenfell Street

University of Adelaide College

10:00 am – 1:00 pm ACST