A 3D Approach to the Digital (R)Evolution

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Date: 11th May 2018

Time: 11:15 – 12:00

Room: Parkview 2

Presented By: Paul ForsterHenno Kotzé ,and Mark Gillow


In this presentation we will examine how one language centre, ICTE-UQ, is embracing the digital revolution from three dimensions: management, teaching & learning, and eLearning design.

We will look at how ICTE-UQ has evolved from an almost entirely “analogue” ELICOS provider to embracing digital disruption, and how the Institute is preparing for future developments in the field, such as AR/VR.

Paul Forster (Academic Manager) will outline how teacher induction and student orientation has been digitised at ICTE-UQ and how ed-tech is leveraged to create a culture where technology is embraced, not rejected.

Henno Kotzé (Senior Teacher) will exemplify how ed-tech is harnessed for teaching & learning, thereby inspiring teachers and learners to be digital risk-takers. He will demonstrate how professional development is provided to ensure a level of ed-tech proficiency, and explore how technology is utilised to maximise student engagement and learning.

Mark Gillow (Learning Designer) will describe how ICTE-UQ has entered the eLearning space, and the lessons we have learned from undertaking projects including the IELTSx MOOC, with over 500,000 participants, online English support for university students and scenario-based online courses.