A practical guide to ASEAN expansion

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Date: 10th May 2019

Time: 10:30 – 11:15

Room: Parkview 1

Presented By : Petar Stojanovic


As our closest ASEAN neighbour, Indonesia represents a tantalising opportunity for Australian
Education. A mass market on our doorstep with seemingly limitless potential. But how do we
leverage this proximity to engage with the region and create opportunity for all?

Building on chief executive of the Asia Society, Philipp Ivanov’s statement “Australia is unprepared
for the ASEAN marketplace,” the aim of this session is to provide insight into the unique and specific
challenges and advantages of Australian engagement in education business in the ASEAN region.
Methods including the exploitation of technology as a means of digital connection, leveraging
Australia’s unique geography to enable regular interaction throughout the region, and fostering
development and team building across a virtual network. Practical and operational examples will be
given for one such case in Indonesia highlighting aspects such as:

Market needs and major players:
What educational needs are present in the Indonesian market? How do needs differ by location and
demographics? Who are the major players in the marketplace and what do they offer?
Finding the ‘right’ people:
How do I recruit staff in the region? How reliable are their qualifications? How can I ensure a good
cultural fit?

Policy and politics:
What are the relevant government policies for entering the market? What impact has the recently
signed Australia-Indonesia free trade agreement had? What is the risk appetite for Australian
education in the Indonesian context?

Ongoing quality assurance:
How do I ensure best practice? Who provides quality assurance in the region?