Are Courses Designed to Meet Student Needs?

Delivering what students want

Are the courses offered by NEAS endorsed centres designed to meet student needs? The answer to that vital question is revealed in the unique NEAS Benchmarking data set.

‘And it is a resounding YES, for both students and staff,’ said NEAS CEO Patrick Pheasant recently when releasing the 2019 Benchmarking results.

Since commencing NEAS’ unique stakeholder-driven feedback-driven Quality Assurance process five years ago, over 200 English language teaching centres throughout Australia and South-east Asia have achieved Quality Endorsement.

In that time, NEAS has collected information from over 50,000 survey respondents and focus group participants with 1.7 million individual variables answered.

‘And, the data shows that NEAS endorsed centres offer courses that are informed by developments in language teaching methodology and technology, are enjoyable, and designed to meet student needs, goals and interests,’ Patrick said.

‘Analysis of confidential student and staff survey data shows a remarkably high degree of correlation,’ he continued. ‘For example, around 95% of both students and staff across all roles report that courses are designed to meet student needs, goals and interests, and provide an enjoyable learning experience.’

‘Also, more than 90% of respondents agreed that course design in NEAS Quality Endorsed centers is informed by developments in language teaching methodology and technology, and are presented at the right level, by well-prepared teachers, and contain a good amount of homework and fair assessment,’ he observed.

What is NEAS Benchmarking?

As Patrick pointed out: ‘A benchmark is a point of reference from which something can be measured. Benchmarking allows a centre to compare their own performance data with that of similar providers and the industry overall.’

‘The NEAS Brand has become synonymous with Quality Assurance,’ said Patrick. ‘NEAS is now the preferred international model for QA. Other countries look to NEAS for models and best practice in Quality Assurance, and the unique and incredibly rich data in the NEAS Benchmarking database is available free of charge to NEAS Quality Endorsed providers,’ he continued.

NEAS Quality Endorsed providers each receive their own data sets, with the option to compare their own performance to that of similar providers and the industry overall.

Members can then further utilise the NEAS support framework to better develop all areas of their education and training in their drive to foster a culture of quality. ‘Our services of NEAS Assist, NEAS Premium Endorsement and NEAS Benchmarking integrate with one another to provide a sophisticated snapshot of the quality of each of our member centres,’ Patrick said. ‘It helps a centre to strive for best practice and continuous improvement, to maintain a competitive edge, and to adapt based on changing technologies and customer needs,’ he concluded.

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