Carolyn Matthews

Presenting: Change Management for ELT Leadership

Carolyn’s experience in the ELICOS industry spans  over 15 years and includes regional management of Elicos centres, Curriculum leadership and Quality assurance. She is at heart a passionate teacher and her career has led her into management of Elicos centres which sparked her development of  leadership skills and an improvisational  approach to the management of change.  Carolyn has taught and held wide ranging management roles across  ELICOS, Secondary School, Vocational and Higher Education sectors where she has developed a broad understanding of leadership and management of change in different Educational environments.  Her experience also extends to the corporate training sector where she has designed and delivered bespoke communication training programs. Her current focus is the transformation of curriculum for the Direct Entry Program for the Centre for English Teaching ( CET) at the The University of Sydney where she is the Deputy Director for Teaching and Learning.