Catering to students aged 12 and under

Several of our members currently offer English courses for young learners, and there is now a growing interest in courses for learners specifically under the age of 12. Recently quality endorsed by NEAS, Phoenix Academy’s unique English for Young Learners program for children aged 7-11 is a great example involving creative activities, songs, music, drama and cooking as part of its interactive course. When planning and delivering programs for children, it is important to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to provide the necessary care they require and to meet their varied educational needs. NEAS can help here. English courses for young learners is another area for which NEAS provides Quality Assurance and support for its members. In addition to NEAS’ quality area F guidelines pertaining to the welfare of students aged under 18 years, NEAS has also developed a good practice guide for catering to students aged 12 and under. This guide along with other helpful support documents can be downloaded from the forms, guides & resources section of the NEAS website.