Christopher Lawson

Presenting: ELT International Engagement Strategy

As one of Australia’s leading international education experts, with more than 25 years of experience working for the Australian Government Department of Education and Training in Australia and offshore, Christopher is a result-driven international education professional who is passionate about the trans-formative power of international education.

Christopher has represented the Australian Government offshore as First Secretary (Education and Research) in the Australian Embassy in Beijing China, as Director (Education, Science and Training) in the Australian Embassy in Santiago Chile and on a placement in the Japanese Ministry of Education looking at Japan’s internationalisation strategies and opportunities for cooperation with Australia. He has also spent time in Taiwan on a Taiwanese Ministry of Education scholarship conducting research on Taiwan’s internationalisation strategies.

As an international education expert, Christopher has researched and written widely cited key reports looking at aspects of Australia’s international education sector, the experience of international students and employer perceptions of Australia’s education system, and delivered keynote speeches and presentations in Australia and overseas. He has also been the external examiner for an Australian doctoral thesis on international education.

Christopher is currently the lead in developing a national English Language Teaching International Engagement Strategy.