ELT International Engagement Strategy

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Date: 10th May 2019

Time: 12:10 – 12:55

Room: Parkview 1

Presented By: Christopher Lawson and Rebecca Hall


On behalf of Austrade

The ASEAN region has seen expanding cities with accelerating economic growth, and a flourishing middle class is increasingly identifying the benefits of International Education. What is Austrade’s role in supporting the next transformative phase of the Australian English Language Teaching landscape? What assumptions may Australian providers need to challenge to access new opportunities in market? With the draft English Language Teaching International Engagement Strategy led by the Department of Education and Training establishing context, Austrade aims to support the sector to identify and collaborate on focused promotional opportunities. Rebecca Hall, Senior Industry Expert, will lead a discussion on how Austrade can cooperate with the sector to implement market specific solutions in an increasingly competitive landscape, and highlight how Austrade can better connect providers across the region. Following DET’s highlight of offshore ELICOS activities, Austrade will examine what role innovative offshore ELICOS activities in the ASEAN region may play for Australian providers, drawing from research conducted in other markets. Austrade also invites an open conversation on Australia’s quality markers, and how our ELICOS sector at large is comparing globally across sample ASEAN markets.

On behalf of the Department of Education and Training

The Department of Education and Training has been working closely with Austrade, English Australia and the English language sector in the development of a national strategy to support the sustainable growth of Australia’s English language teaching sector. The English Language Teaching International Engagement Strategy will support the implementation of the National Strategy for International Education 2025, and embrace the vision that Australia is considered the global leader in the delivery of quality English language teaching. This session will discuss the development of the draft strategy and reflect on some of the themes emerging from consultations including supporting offshore English language teaching. The presentation will also incorporate updates from the Department’s offshore network on emerging opportunities in ASEAN member states to influence and connect English Language Teaching across the region.