Emerging Leaders in ELT

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Date: 10th May 2018

Time: 12:20 – 13:05

Room: South Wharf

Presented by: Rufus James


“Some are born Academic Managers, some achieve Academic Manager-ness, and others have Academic Manager-dom thrust upon them”

Becoming a manager and leader is challenging. Questions and thoughts like these may suddenly be swirling round your head…

“Suddenly my friends aren’t my friends any more. How can I manage people I worked with?”

“I have to manage a budget? I can’t even manage my bus fare for the week!”

“Curriculum design? I’ve got a course book… Isn’t that enough?”

“My teachers are all more experienced than me. How can I possibly give them PD sessions?”

New Academic Managers are often ‘promoted’; thrust into the great unknown and expected to perform tasks they do not feel prepared or qualified for simply because they are good teachers and show initiative.

Areas such as Human Resource Management, Marketing, and understanding the financial aspects of a language school may be areas that many of us have never considered. This session aims to equip you with practical solutions for issues that may confront new leaders. These areas may include:

• Where to start with curriculum & syllabus writing & design
• Career opportunities & PD for new Managers
• Managing, training & leading your peers
• Dealing with and managing tricky personalities
• Task (not time!) management

If there are other pressing issues you have a burning desire to discuss please contact Rufus on [email protected] or via Facebook @rufusbne