English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Teacher Training Pre-Conference Workshop

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Date: 11th May 2018

Date: 11th May 2018

Time: 09:30 – 17:00

Room: Breakout 2

Presented By: Marcella Robertson & Lydia Dutcher

The craft of teaching English for Academic Purposes (EAP) has traditionally been learned by teachers “on the job”, working alongside experienced colleagues, undergoing professional development, and through collaboration with university lecturers. However, the British Association of Lecturers of EAP (BALEAP) provides a more formalized framework of competencies, including key linguistic, pedagogic and methodological knowledge. This framework provides clear goals in EAP teacher preparation and an understanding of the role of an EAP teacher.
In this workshop, we will introduce the following aspects of teaching EAP, guided by the BALEAP and relevant literature:

  • understanding the EAP context;
  • approaches to teaching writing, reading, speaking, and listening;
  • genre and text analysis;
  • purposeful use of technology in teaching EAP;
  • critical thinking and its relationship to the practice of EAP teaching.

Participants will experience practical activities for use in the EAP classroom and will gain insights into current best practice in teaching EAP.


Trainer bios:

Lydia Dutcher – University of Sydney Centre for English Teaching

Lydia manages and teaches university preparation courses in high-level academic skills and university units of study in critical thinking for first year university students and TESOL methodology. She holds a Master of Education (Applied Linguistics) and is currently completing a PhD that focusses on the relationship between language proficiency and participation in classroom tasks.

Marcella Robertson – University of Sydney Centre for English Teaching

Marcella teaches university preparation courses and the undergraduate TESOL methodology courses ‘Teaching English Internationally’.  In addition to developing curriculum content for these courses, she recently developed courses in EAP Teacher Training for pre- and in-service teachers, filling in a gap in EAP-specific teacher education. Marcella holds Masters in Applied Linguistics and TESOL.