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ELT Centres

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A Plain Guide to Quality Endorsement
Agent’s Guide to Quality Endorsement
Application for NEAS Quality Endorsement For domestic and international centres
Application for Quality Endorsement of an Additional ELT Centre Where the new centre is located over 2 km away from primary location
Application for Quality Endorsement of an ELT Course
Change of Academic Manager
Change of Business/Trading Name
Change(s) to Existing Course
Change of Legal Entity/Ownership
Change of Name of Legal Entity
Change to Premises or Maximum Student Number
Change of Principal Administrator
7 Things to Know Before Leasing or Renovating a Training Facility Courtesy of Education Interiors!
Education/Training Facility Compliance Checklist Courtesy of Education Interiors!
Step by Step Guide to 9B Compliance For Educational Institutions & Training Facilities; Courtesy of Education Interiors!
Logos – Quality Endorsement Guidelines Contact NEAS for Quality Endorsement logos
NEAS Quality Practice Guide
NEAS Quality Assurance Framework
NEAS Quality Assurance Framework Mapping Comprehensive Mapping Guide to ELICOS National Standards and National Code of Practice
Request for Removal of Existing ELT Course


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Assessment Validation Template
Attendance monitoring
ELICOS National Standards
Syllabus Template – Organised by Macroskill
Syllabus-Template – Organised by Day
Syllabus Template – Alternative Version

Premium Product Endorsement

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Application for Premium Product Endorsement


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Accreditation Committee Policy
NEAS Appeals Policy To ensure that providers are able to appeal a decision made by the NEAS Accreditation Committee in an equitable manner, using a transparent framework.Decisions to remove a providers Accreditation or Quality Assurance status are made by the NEAS Accreditation Committee. Providers are informed at that time, that their membership status has been terminated, and that they have the right to appeal against the decision to the NEAS Appeals Panel.Click here to request a full copy of the policy
NEAS Centre Suspension Policy The NEAS Board recognises that there are circumstances where a provider’s membership may be suspended for a period of time prior to a decision to terminate or otherwise continue their membership.
NEAS Non-Payment Policy To Provide a fair and transparent process for dealing with situations where a provider’s Annual Fee is not received.
NEAS Multi-Centre Policy Providers that have two or more centres in their portfolio of English language teaching operations and NEAS Quality Endorsement for a sub-set of their total number of centres are required to limit the use of the NEAS Quality Endorsement to only those centres that have qualified for its use, with the objective to ensure and maintain clarity of its brand association with that of NEAS.Click here to request a full copy of the policy
NEAS Quality Endorsement Pending Quality Endorsement Pending status is granted to a new applicant which has successfully undergone the desk audit process and a Verification visit, but is not yet enrolling English language students.

Pending status has been granted to some NEAS centres which were formerly provisional or accredited but not currently enrolling ELICOS students and therefore unable to gain NEAS Quality Endorsement.

Qualifications Assessment

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Fee Schedule and Payments

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Fee Schedule  2018 update
Make Online Payment

TESOL Course Listing

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