Influences and influencers in Vietnam: Balancing the market’s needs and wants for IELTS test preparation

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Date: 10th May 2019

Time: 11:20 – 12:05


Presented By : Karen Benson and Daniel Ruelle

Vietnam’s economic growth over the last two decades has been steady and is predicted to continue. Vietnamese industry and the Ministry of Education remain committed to improving English language skills, and the flourishing middle class is increasingly sending their children overseas for secondary and tertiary education, which has resulted in a notable increase in the number of IELTS test candidates. So what does this mean for English language teaching?

IELTS preparation, testing and scores are increasingly intertwined with English language teaching, and as a test, it exerts considerable influence on learning pathways in schools and language centres. IELTS candidates in Vietnam are getting ever younger and demand is growing for IELTS preparation at lower proficiency levels. Academic leadership in Vietnam, more than ever, involves shaping this influence in a positive way.

This session will present a case study of how RMIT University has responded to market influences by conducting a rigorous review of its test preparation courses and designing programs to better integrate the wants and needs of stakeholders. Participants will leave with an overview of an ASEAN English language teaching market and an understanding of one organisation’s solution to balance potentially conflicting influences.