Leadership in Virtual Teams

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Date: 10th May 2018

Time: 11:30 – 12:15

Room: Breakout 1

Presented By : Jock Boyd

There has been considerable research undertaken in the field of leadership in traditional work contexts, much of this has focused on the role of a leader. This study examines the influence of leadership in a virtual space. Although studies in virtual leadership have examined the effects of team based success and performance (MacDuffie, 2007), there has not been an extended study of how a leader develops from a multidisciplinary group of individuals in a virtual space. As such, this study provides additional insight into leadership in a technological facilitated environment.

This study analyses a number of individual and process related variables that contribute to leader emergence in self-managed teams, focusing on team communication strategies both verbal and text based. Grounded in adaptive structuration theory (DeSanctis & Poole, 1994), this study investigates 55 individual educators in 4 dispersed teams and suggests that the use of technology inhibits and encourages the emergence of a leader within these disparate groups.