Leading when you are too busy managing

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Date: 9th May 2019

Time: 13:55 – 14:40


Presented By : Aparna Jacob

For a while now leadership conversations have scrutinised the difference between leaders and managers, often casting these as antipodean. For those inducted into management, this dichotomy
sets up expectations of being one or the other, rather than viewing these as complementary and embracing both as necessary functions of our roles. Given our meeting-packed calendars, expanding span of control and ever-increasing workloads, perhaps a crucial question to ask ourselves is how do we find time to lead when we are so busy managing? And how do we make time and space to nurture leadership skills in each staff member and in our teams?

This workshop aims to bring together managers (and leaders!) in ELICOS to firstly examine the obstacles to finding leadership in yourself and in your team and then discuss practical solutions to
enable this. Drawing largely on experiential knowledge, managers will be invited to share their strategies on how they make space to lead despite being oversubscribed in their roles as managers.