If you are thinking of setting up a new English Language Teaching (ELT) Centre, extending your existing ELT Centre, moving to new premises, looking at new course opportunities or extending your existing courses and not sure how to go about it, NEAS can help.

NEAS Assist is a service which offers advice and assistance in a number of areas which may enhance the quality of your ELT Centre, strengthen and diversify the courses you deliver and ultimately increase your market share. With many years of experience in Education and Training in Australia and internationally, we are ready to listen to your ideas and discuss the best way for you to move forward.  This service is available for any organisation that may already be involved in this sector or plans to move into English Language Teaching in the future.

Since its commencement in November 2013, NEAS Assist has delivered the following contracts: a benchmarking research project in the marketing area, CRICOS audit support, mentoring and support in the implementation of academic management, and development of a variety of English language syllabuses.

These are just a few of the many options available at very competitive rates – just call

+61 2 9954 6077 or email NEAS for more information

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