NEAS Introduces Quality Stream at CamTESOL in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

CamTESOL is a conference for professionals in the field of English Language Teaching and related issues. The 13th Annual CamTESOL, held at the Institute of Technology of Cambodia on 18 – 19 February 2017, saw the NEAS Team reinforce the NEAS global leadership role in the driving of quality in the teaching and learning of English and other languages.

In a CamTESOL first, NEAS CEO Patrick Pheasant introduced to the more than 220 delegates a series of five workshops from NEAS staff and other ELT professionals, including:

1.  Enhancing the student experience: What we’ve learned from 300+ review visits – presented by NEAS Quality Assurance Assessor Lauren O’Hern.

2. Accreditation for Quality Outcomes in English Language Learning – presented by NEAS General Manager Ana Bratkovic & Francis O’Brien

3. How to ensure academic quality – presented by Deputy Academic Quality Assurance Manager at Sovannaphumi School Sopheak Thoeun

4. Quality Assurance of English Language Teachers – Thida SOK & Visal SOU

5. The Importance of Quality Assurance and Its Role in Shaping Future Success – presented by NEAS CEO Patrick Pheasant

NEAS is committed to growing and maintaining membership, both locally and offshore, to increase the number of quality providers in the English language learning sector. Next year NEAS will present an exciting full-day “Quality Stream”, proudly supported by CamTESOL.