NEAS promotes cooperation in ELT leadership between Australia and ASEAN

In February this year Michael Fay, Director and Head of Education Services at ASEAN Focus Group especially mentioned the contribution that can be made in ASEAN by NEAS and the Australian ELT sector.

Mr Fay acknowledged that “Australia is well-placed to work in partnership with ASEAN on issues arising from English being the official language. Working on a regional agreement on minimum standards for the accreditation of ELT centres as well as for teachers working in the ELT sector are sensible and achievable endeavours.”

“Quality assurance bodies such as Australia’s National ELT Accreditation Scheme (NEAS) can contribute to this conversation,” he particularly noted.

NEAS is already supporting schools and organisations in Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand, to identify and acknowledge high levels of quality in ELT teaching and professional development in the ASEAN region, and to help further raise the standards of teaching and leadership.

A big part of this advocacy is to help NEAS Quality Endorsed Centres in Australia collaborate with their peers in ASEAN.

At the NEAS ELT Management Conference at Doltone House in Sydney next month, NEAS Australia will launch an international project to further contribute to international cooperation by connecting Australian leaders in ELT with their ASEAN counterparts.

Sponsored by eBECAS college administration software, NEAS General Manager Ana Bratkovic and CEO Patrick Pheasant will present a Pre-Conference Workshop on Authentic Leadership in ELT from 09.30-13.00 Wednesday 9 May 2018.





“When Ana and I attended the inaugural ASEAN-Australia Education Dialogue (AAED) in Penang earlier this year,” recalls Patrick, “we were impressed by the high level of interest shown by ASEAN ELT centres in both NEAS Membership and collaboration in leadership development initiatives with quality endorsed industry leaders in Australia.”

Ana and Patrick’s pre-conference workshop forms one part of what will become an annual series of events in Australia and ASEAN. Titled the ELT Leadership Mentoring Program, this innovative project consists of a series of workshops and online activities in Sydney, Phnom Penh, Penang and Kuala Lumpur through 2018 and 2019.

“NEAS has particular insight into the challenges and opportunities posed by English being recognised the official language of ASEAN,” Ana reports. “And, the NEAS ELT Leadership Mentoring Program will establish and promote the highest standards and continuous improvement in ELT leadership across Australia and ASEAN.”

The NEAS ELT Leadership Mentoring Program aims to support Directors of Studies, Principal Administrators, TESOL Teacher Trainers and emerging leaders in ELT in mentoring and collaborating on projects with ELT leaders in Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore.

“Our workshop explores the paradigm shift in leadership from maximizing shareholder value to one of embracing values which encompass continuous improvement and sustainability,” observed Patrick. “Areas to be explored include authentic leadership, imposter syndrome, leadership ‘brand’ and diversity. We also aim to identify from the workshop a steering committee and Australian ELT Management Mentors for pairing with ASEAN managers. We will then connect these ELT Management Mentors with managers in ASEAN. We hope you will join us on the day.”

Stand-alone tickets for participation in the Authentic Leadership in ELT workshop cost $75 +GST. You can register for the workshop here:

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For more information on the NEAS ELT Leadership Mentoring Program, please contact NEAS CEO Patrick Pheasant [email protected].