Online and Blending Learning: Tools for Engagement with ASEAN

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Date: 10th May 2019

Time: 12:10 – 12:55


Presented By : Catherine Moore & Sue Woods

Online and blending learning are tools that both Australian and ASEAN institutions are using to broadening access to their programs. In ASEAN countries the opportunities for digital tools to provide broad access for a quality education is something currently being explored by the South East Asian (SEA) MOOCS Network. With English language learning being a priority for the region, digital resources can provide opportunities for providers both in ASEAN countries and Australia to extend the reach of their courses. This session will give an overview of how online and blended learning are being utilised in the region. This will be followed by case studies of two ELT centres that are currently engaging with students in ASEAN countries using these tools. Drawing on these experiences the session will explore the implications and opportunities for your centre to engage more closely with Australian/ASEAN providers.