Pre production underway for new NEAS online courses

CEO Patrick Pheasant, General Manager Ana Bratkovic and Quality Assessor Lauren O’Hern recently spent a day being filmed at a professional video shoot in preparation for the release of our suite of three new online courses. Ideal for those who live in regional areas or overseas, or for those who may be too time poor to attend our face to face QLS workshops, these collaborative courses will not only inspire you, but will also provide you with the opportunity to network online with your peers throughout Australia.

Aimed at Academic Managers and teaching staff, the next course on Assessing Against Learning Outcomesis due for release on 1 September 2017. Aligned with NEAS Quality Assurance Framework A: Teaching, Learning and Assessment, participants will be provided with the knowledge, tools and strategies to evaluate and design effective assessment instruments.

All courses have a time commitment of one hour per week over 4 weeks.

Aimed at professional staff, the first course on Strategy, Risk, and Governance is due for release on 4 August 2017. Aligned with NEAS Quality Assurance Framework D: Administration, Management and Staffing, this course will cover such concepts as good governance, ethics, corporate social responsibility and organisational design.

Aimed at Academic Managers and Student Services staff, our course on Enhancing the Student Experience is due for release on 6 October 2107. Aligned with NEAS Quality Assurance Framework B: The Student Experience, this course will focus on how to provide students with a quality experience both inside and beyond the classroom during their period of enrolment.