QALEN (Quality Assurance in Language Education Network) Symposium 2017

On 15 and 16 November 2017, NEAS General Manager and Chief Executive Officer Patrick Pheasant attended the 4th symposium for the Quality Assurance Language in Education Network (QALEN), held in Auckland, New Zealand this year.

QALEN was established in 2014 when NEAS hosted the inaugural symposium in Sydney. QALEN members meet every year to discuss issues such as care of minors, impact of world events on English Language Teaching, Quality Assurance systems and processes and to undertake mapping and benchmarking.

The objective of QALEN is to provide opportunities for participants and members from Accrediting and Quality Assurance bodies in the language education sector to communicate and collaborate within a safe, supportive environment.  In this way, organizations may develop new, innovative methods of Quality Assurance and Accreditation, quality assure the quality assurance agency, create a promotion of a globally recognisable quality mark, and facilitate further growth for both their organization and others.

NEAS presented on utilisation of the QALEN website: and also development of standards for online delivery of English Language Teaching. The members also discussed the role of self-evaluation in the quality assurance process, tracking improvement between inspections and the measurable success of the accreditation programs in raising standards and teacher qualifications worldwide for English Language Teaching.




Attendees from left to right: Julian Inglis, Languages Canada; Ewen Mackenzie-Bowie, ICL Education Group; Bill Larkin, ACCET; Patrick Pheasant, NEAS; Wayne Dyer, Chair of English Zealand; Liz McClaren, British Council Accreditation UK; Kim Renner, English New Zealand; Susan Smart, NZQA; Ana Bratkovic, NEAS; David Huebel, Orion Assessment Services; Darren Conway, Languages International; Erin Roxburgh, New Zealand Ministry of Education