Quality in Welfare for Under 18s – how much more than orientation is needed?

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Date: 8th May 2019

Time: 09:30 – 13:00

Room: Parkview 2

Presented By : Michael Bos and Debbie Kemish

We know we are not just responsible for teaching English language skills, but… we are enrolling young students from an increasing range of education and cultural backgrounds. Our centres may not necessarily have signed a CAAW letter for the young students in attendance in our classes, but we are obliged to monitor the well-being and welfare of our students and provide on-going support. A quick sweep of centre websites gives us much of the vocabulary. What do we do with it all?

 Student protection
 Wellbeing
 Age appropriate
 Cyber safety
 Safety and the law
 Positive psychology
 Mental health
 Character strengths
 Kids on the fringes
 Enrichment
 Guidance & Counselling
 Pastoral care
 Leadership
 Engagement
 Organisational skills
 Initiative
 Health programs
 Good study habits
 Lifelong learning
 How to deal with bullying
 Keeping connections with families
 Positive education
 Positive outcomes
 Social, emotional, behavioural skills

How are centres to navigate all this? A Director of Studies may only have minimal experience in working with teenagers or in thinking about their welfare in a way that helps the students prepare for their future study as well as ticks the regulatory boxes. Similarly, does a Principal Administrator know what they are assigning a student liaison officer to do?

This session will explore the range of issues that are involved in the welfare support of Under 18s. The workshop will look at policies and procedures related to this field, but it is more than P & Ps! We will look at what teachers should be focussing on in classrooms and possible professional development.