Sue Woods

Presenting: Online and Blending Learning: Tools for Engagement with ASEAN

Although she doesn’t have a long grey beard, Sue Woods is one of the ancient mariners of the ELICOS industry. She worked at Curtin University from 1980 to 1993 and was a member of the group of providers who formed the ELICOS Association (now English Australia). Sue served on the ELICOS Association Council from 1991 to 93, and 1997 to 98. Sue joined CELT at UWA in 1994 as Director of Studies, then Acting Director, until a family move in 1998. She has extensive experience promoting ELICOS and working with Government-sponsored students and partner organisations in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea and Japan, and more recently in Chile and Colombia.

In 2000, Sue became a member of the NEAS Accreditation Panel, known as the ‘Nappies’, and continued in that role till mid-2013, when accreditation responsibilities were transferred to ASQA and TEQSA.

Since joining ACU in 2004, Sue has enjoyed the broader opportunities available within ACU International. As Head of the ACU Centre for Languages, she overseas, ELICOS, international pathways, Italian and Spanish language programs and the Centre’s community engagement. She believes that the future of the ELICOS industry lies in developing close collaboration with partners in the Asia-Pacific Region and in the recognition of the value of multilingualism and intercultural competence.