Teacher training in ASEAN regions to maintain quality collaboration

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Date: 9th May 2019

Time: 11:30 – 12:15


Presented By : David Wiltshire

The rapid development within ASEAN brings great opportunity.  However, how do we navigate the challenges of variable teacher qualifications and proficiency while maintaining education quality?  The Occupational English Test (OET), the high-stakes English test for healthcare professionals, has successfully collaborated with ASEAN ELT organisations over the years due to the high volume of ESL healthcare professionals coming from the ASEAN region.

To overcome the shortfall in teaching skills in these regions and ensure quality is maintained, OET runs a series of teacher training workshops in regions where teaching qualifications are not readily available.  The presenter will discuss how OET’s teacher training workshops impacted on ASEAN ELT Schools and opened doors to collaboration with OET while maintaining the necessary standards to ensure positive educational outcomes.

Data on the characteristics of teachers, students and ELT centres will be presented, along with how the obstacles were overcome.  Views shared by leaders in the region with whom OET have built strong relationships will be shared.  Some collaboration attempts which were not successful will also be presented as a way of highlighting the potential pitfalls of this practice.  From this there will be solutions offered for bridging the gap to ensure education quality is maintained when working with organisations in ASEAN and other developing regions.