Customised Professional Development workshops for your staff

Are you a business owner who feels that your professional staff deserve more PD? Or are you an Academic Manager struggling to come up with creative PD for your teaching staff?

NEAS is now offering tailored professional development for our centres at very reasonable prices. Workshops range from 1 hour to 2 days, and can be delivered one to one, to small groups, to large audiences, or even online. You could also combine your session with other centre staff members in your area, or hold a PD session in tandem with your Quality Review visit.

Current possible topics to choose from include:

For teaching staff

  • Designing a Blended Learning solution
  • Assessing against Learning Outcomes
  • Increasing student leaner autonomy
  • Developing a robust syllabus
  • Teaching IELTS (can be broken down into any macroskill)
  • Building a culture of quality
  • Designing MOOCs for ELT

For management staff

  •  Motivating teachers or Motivating staff
  • Strategy, Risk Management and Governance
  • Performance Management 

For student services and management staff 

  • Enhancing the student experience
  • Student engagement
  • Making Our Centres a Safe Place

Do you have another idea? NEAS can generally develop content on any topic required.

Get in touch with us to discuss further on 02 9954 6077 or [email protected]