Thailand Quality Assurance

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Date: 9th May 2019

Time: 14:45 – 15:30


Presented By : Alexander Nanni

Why should a language center in Thailand undertake quality assurance through an international organization? More specifically, why is NEAS the best choice for the quality assurance of such a
center? While the various stakeholders of a language center may agree that quality assurance is beneficial, they may have vastly different understandings of what exactly it entails and of the advantages it provides. These understandings — which often emphasize certain Quality Areas and deemphasize or omit others — are incomplete but complementary. Drawing on the case of
the Preparation Center for Languages and Mathematics at Mahidol University International College, which was the first language center in Thailand to engage in the NEAS quality
assurance process, this presentation explores the perceptions of international quality assurance in the Thai context. Awareness of these perceptions is key to increasing buy-in and participation
both within individual language centers and nationally. The insights shared in this presentation provide a fresh perspective in a much larger conversation about quality assurance in ASEAN,
Australia, and beyond.