Upcoming NEAS Online Facilitated Course Assessing Against Learning Outcomes

Date from the 1st of September.

This course runs for four weeks with an estimated one hour needed commitment per week.

Users must log on twice a week.


Learning outcomes are the foundation of quality syllabus and valid assessment. They provide guidance for teachers in selecting and/or creating resources and materials to enable their students to achieve course outcomes. They also provide a handy checklist to ensure that assessment tools assess what the course aims to teach.

Whether teachers are using assessment tools from their core texts or sample tests in test preparation textbooks, it is essential to determine the degree to which these tools or tests relate to the course syllabus. Mapping an assessment tool against learning outcomes enables the teacher to determine whether it needs to be abandoned or adapted to meet the needs of the syllabus.

This session gives participants the opportunity to work with commercially available assessments to develop skills in adapting assessment tools for use within their centre. These skills are equally applicable in contexts where centres create their own assessments and/or wish to adapt their current assessment bank for different courses.

Participants will be provided with the knowledge, tools and strategies to evaluate and design effective assessment instruments.

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