Backfeed in a digital learning environment: encouraging student engagement with feedback

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Date: 10th May 2018

Time: 14:45 – 15:30

Room: South Wharf

Presented By : Bianka Malecka

Developing strategies to encourage students to backfeed, i.e. engage in the process of mindful reflection and analysis of the meaning of feedback seems to be a genuine need to fast track their learning. Technology has a vital role to play in this process as it makes backfeed accessible to staff and students so that a longer-term picture of learning can emerge. Using LMS, online platforms and collaborative technologies to provide feedback and backfeed makes it more dialogic and gives students a voice in the process of feedback communication, a voice that they may be deprived of when not given an opportunity to interact with feedback. After all, feedback’s utility ultimately depends on whether students engage with it and my classroom observations, backed up by research in the field, seem to suggest that feedback is often misunderstood, skim-read or simply ignored.

In this presentation, I will share examples of synchronous and asynchronous feedback to written tasks and then provide ideas to enhance backfeed. I hope that the session will open up a dialogue about current feedback practice in our institutions and the need to reconceptualise it in a digital space.