Why you need to reclaim your brain in the digital revolution

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Date: 10th May 2018

Time: 10:15 – 11:00

Room: South Wharf

Presented By : Linda Ray

As educators and leaders, we should be concerned about the following trends emerging in the digital age:

  • A looming crisis of empathy seen in the 40 percent drop in empathy in college students measured by standard tests of personality trait
  • A skills deficit in the empathetic arts – eye contact, listening and attending to others
  • A drop-in attention spans down from 12 seconds to 8 seconds (less than a goldfish)
  • An increase in rates of digital dementia through heavy digital use and the devastating effects on attention and cognitive abilities
  • An obsession with multi-tasking leading to a crisis in productivity
  • Poor sleep hygiene
  • A crisis of solitude – people are uncomfortable left alone with their thoughts for a little as six minutes and yet we know a quiet brain is necessary for insight and creativity

Why do the best leaders and educators lead and educate with the brain in mind? Because they know when it comes to influencing, educating, engaging and motivating others, what’s happening in the brain makes all the difference. Neuroscience is unlocking secrets to what really matters when leading and educating others, but more importantly why it matters. In this presentation Linda will explore why the above trends are emerging and how to guard against their potentially devastating consequences.

Linda Ray is NeuroCapability’s Chief Translator of the science into the ‘so what does that mean’.   Linda has a passion for translating complex science into easy to understand and apply concepts. She has pioneered the spread of the practical application of neuroscience to leadership and organisational development and for the past 11 years has witnessed first- hand how it makes a difference in how leaders and individuals work, live and interact positively with others.

In her quest to share this knowledge she developed Australia’s only nationally accredited Diploma of Neuroscience of Leadership which has been delivered to students around the globe and the success of this program inspired her to continue this path with the development of an Advanced Diploma of Neuroscience of Leadership. Linda is an engaging facilitator and has presented on a range of topics supporting people to harness their most important asset – their brain.  She has spoken at Australian and international leadership, business and education conferences.

Linda loves pushing the boundaries on outdated workplace practices and is constantly exploring new ways to make sense of the science to continue to build Wildly Wonderful Workplaces that inspire and engage staff and drive innovation and creativity.